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Do you have any issues or concerns (Friends, Family or School life) that you would want to share with us? Check this section out and feel free to share with us... Continue Reading »

   These circumstances are not rare, so don’t panic about it. One or two thing you could do is to make both friends know that there is no right or wrong sides to their arguments. Make it clear that you would not be taking sides. If one tells you something about the other, do not go telling the other what was said. Just wait it out and most probably things will settle with time. Continue to be your best to both of them.   Nina-Ndu   man-with-book

Education & Vocations

Being in school is a very important stage in our lives. Learn ways to stay cool in school and improve your academic skills. One aspect of Education that we want to share is that it could be academic or non academic. We do admit that some teens are more academic than others while some are more hands on than others. Whatever you are, it’s all education/vocation in some form. We are also proud of our peers’ achievement and will showcase them. Check out what we have on schools, exams, vocations and your achievements.

T2T magazine has a separate Career page with a list of careers available to explore and get more information on.... Continue Reading »

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My Health & My Style

T2T will be looking at various health articles and asking our in house doctors questions we want answers to. We will also feature an exercise of the month and a showcase your style (SYS) segment. What makes you unique? Read more and find out how you can be part of this... Continue Reading »

Star Jumps / Jumping Jacks  - (2 Sets Of 15 To 24 Repetitions (Reps)   acne      beauty-within-us

Monthly Features

Every month, Ten2Teens will choose and interview a role model of the month. Our role models will be chosen from a wider spectrum of professions and trades. We will also be looking into the history of various African and Caribbean countries. Our History is a very important aspect in understanding our backgrounds and also understanding why our parents sometimes seem to come from a different planet... Continue Reading »

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Girl's Corner

At certain times, we girls start to notice our bodies changing in many ways. It’s a period called Puberty. A few changes we notice are: Our hips get wider, we get taller and other stuff starts to happen. Girls, let us talk here, this is an important stage in our lives to form well grounded hygiene habits and routines. Our body is like a temple and should be treated as one. Check out articles on our body, hair, skin and other you know what. Tameka will also share with us her diary... Continue Reading »

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Guy's Corner

Welcome guys! You are sure not going to be left out here. The teen guys on the T2T team say you guys want this as well and will benefit from it. We are not here to tell you want to do, but to share with you and hear from you. We want to break that stigma or belief that teen guys don’t read and are only interested in sports, sex and video games. Come and check out this section, we are covering topics on body, hair, and other issues that you want us to share. Tyron will also be sharing his diary with us. Come on and be part of this new trend... Continue Reading »

Dum_Doodles      Dum_Doodles   

Inspirational Corner

Inspirational stories, events and quotes inspire us all in different ways. They can be uplifting, stimulating and influencing.

We want to share this inspirational corner with you, knowing that you will be encouraged and motivated to go to your next level. What could this next level be? It could be in academics, vocations, talents, volunteering, entrepreneurial or health & exercise... Continue Reading »

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We all love some form of entertainment to keep us updated and informed. As teens, we are quite curious and don’t like being left out, so we created this section to get local news, news from around the world that interest us and updates on sports. Then guess what? We have weekly online games to play in our free times. Did we say free time? Yep... Continue Reading »

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The Arts / Reviews

Here we have poems written by preteens and teens, Jokes and riddles to make us laugh and Reviews of films, music and books that appeal to us. Come and join in the fun. Have you got a poem, joke, a quiz, or a film, music or book review? Come on! We’d love to hear from you and showcase it... Continue Reading »


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