About Us

Inspire, Believe and Achieve are 3 keywords that sums up what Ten2Teens Magazine is all about. We INSPIRE 10-19 yr. olds irrespective of backgrounds, religion or race to BELIEVE more in themselves (self-belief) and ACHIEVE their dreams. We celebrate youths for who they are and who they are going to be. Every 10-19 year old has abundant potentials in them and it is our mission through inspiring contents and events to help turn those potentials into results.

What makes Ten2Teens Magazine so unique?

Ten2Teens magazine is not here to talk at our youths but to talk with them.

Along with our magazine production, Ten2Teens runs 3 youth projects that encompass our overall vision.

Inspire A Teen Project: (Send out inspiring quotes to thousands of teens every day)

The Together We Can Achieve’ Project –This is a life skill training project which aims at exploring all the life skills that teens require to be set and ready for their adult lives. These skills include Money management, Presentations skills, Social Etiquettes, Building Confidence, Respect, Time Management and Community Work.

The Ten2Teens Awards show- This is an annual award show celebrating and awarding youths for both their academic and community contributions.

We offer content in a friendly, clear, concise, informative, engaging and informal style making it relevant and relate- able to our readers.

Whilst we promote all that is positive about our youths, we are not ignorant of the negative happenings amongst a percentage of youths. Ten2Teens magazine aims to mentor youths through our quarterly events aimed at inspiring youths and bringing out the best in them.

Our Readers

T2T readers are a combination of everyday 10-19 year olds; many from deprived; poorer and difficult backgrounds who desire to achieve but don’t know how, who are motivated and inspired by positivity and who appreciate education.

Our readers look at T2T magazine for direction, inspiration and suggestions at a time when decisions are made on what kind of a person to become.


T2T’s mission is to INSPIRE every youth to BELIEVE in themselves and ACHIEVE their dreams. We accomplish these through our inspiring events and presenting a positive publication that reflects a balanced awareness of them, teaching, encouraging, training, motivating, promoting and inspiring them.


Our vision is for EVERY 10-19 year old to tap into their abundant potentials and turn them into positive life time results.


  • Inspiration
  • Self-Belief
  • Achieve
  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Growth
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Fun
  • Motivation

Phinnah Chichi Ikeji (Founder/ Editor in chief)

phinnah_chichi_ikejiThe inspiration for Ten2Teens began with my love for magazines that inspired me and continued with my passion to fill a gap in the market for preteens to teens from all backgrounds that deserves a positive publication that reflects a well balanced awareness of them.

Watching my children, nieces, nephews, teenage cousins and friends growing up so fast with no media publications that mirror their heritage, believes in them and promotes positivity is no longer accepted.

Ten2Teens aims to be that mirror that youth could look at and see them in a more positive light, being proud of whom they are, assimilating with ease and confidence into mainstream society and going for their dreams.

I am personally excited with this project and I do hope you can join me and the ten2teen youths with this great intent to show our youths in more positive light.


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