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Ten2Teens offers both online and print advertising packages that will attract our ever growing preteen to teen readers.

Thank you so much for your interest in advertising with Ten2Teens. By advertising with us, you will become one of our valuable supporters. What better way to show your support for an organization that showcases the best in pre-teens and teenagers for the world to see.

About Us

T2T’s target group are preteens and teens (from age 10-19 yrs. old)

The overall mission of Ten2Teens extends to INSPIRING all youths irrespective of their backgrounds, race, religion or gender to BELIEVE more in themselves and go and ACHIEVE their heart desires…

Our readers are creative in their styles, fashionable, view education/vocations/talents very highly and while some aim to have high profile jobs, others want to own their own businesses. They love music of different genres and are very family oriented.

As a growing organisation, what we do have is enormous potential based on responses and testimonials of readers.

It is very important to us and our audience that we provide a positive online experience for our youngsters and their parents who visit our website. Therefore, we must approve of businesses, services, or products prior to placing an ad on T2T’s website.

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