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An Interview with Dum-Doodles, a renowned Cartoonist who has worked with Celebrities – Bashy and Chris Brown.

Dum-DoodlesT2T: Hi Dum-Doodles, how are you doing?

DD: I am doing fine, thank you. Thanks for getting in touch with us.

T2T: It is both an honour and pleasure to be having this chat with you. Many thanks for your time. It is much appreciated.

We were very impressed with an inspirational message that you sent to us a few months ago. I shared it with our readers online, was very much received and promised them that I would be interviewing you sometime.

Had you always known that you had this passion for art/animation? At what point did it all make sense to start this brand?

DD: When I was in school, I was not interest in drawing as an art; I was just seeing myself drawing on everything. Whether it was a wall or at school, on tables and my text books and it started to become a developed thing. I was practically drawing on everything; I think that is how it all started.

T2T: What inspires you as you draw and what kind of atmosphere do you draw in? Do you draw in silence or with music?

DD: Oh it has to be with music. {Laughs} I love to music around as I tune in to draw.

T2T: In a previous chat you had with the voice newspaper, you mentioned that you had approached Bashy and the result of this approach was that you made a video with him which drew about 50,000 views in 2 days. The approach which kind of was the start of your brand is where I want to focus on in this next question. What did it take for you to approach Bashy, Were there a lot of preparations involved. You must have had some drawings in sight for him to.

DD: Yes at the time, it was MySpace that was the new social media site then. I think I was about 16yrs old and everyone was on MySpace. It was the thing to follow celebrities and put them in your top ten and your friend list. I was already a Bashy’s music and I cannot even explain it but an idea just came in to send Bashy an email. We all know that celebrities get emails all the time and hardly check their inbox. I just went on that inspiration and emailed Bashy and got a response. The rest is history.

T2T: That is so good. What we like about what you did, We know it took courage, it took belief and I’m sure it did take a lot of preparation as well. You must have had some drawings prepared to show your skills.

DD: I think he had seen my facebook page in which I had my drawings dating back to my school days. When I started to draw digitally and drawing on the computer, I used Windows paint and would just click on the start panel and draw as many images as I could. He saw these and said ‘Let’s see what we can do…..)

T2T: It goes to show you did prepare for it in advance by updating your facebook page. If you had nothing, Bashy would not have had anything to verify the type of work you could do.

DD: Yes that was nearly 6 years ago and I am still growing as an artist. I think in whatever field it is, the success is not just going to drop on your lap, you have to work on it and really find your niche in that gift. For example they are so many cartoonists, but you have to look at what you see differently about it and make it unique in your own way.

T2T: Thanks, this is very inspirational message to our youths, no matter what niche they find themselves, to go for it and never give up.

What does your family think about it? Had you always had their support?

DD: My family is from Ghana. If you were to tell any parent that you wanted to be a cartoonist, I’m sure it won’t go down so well.

{both laugh}

T2T: That is what I thought of and that’s why the question came up.

DD: One thing I must say that when they saw how serious I was about it and that it was something that I was still interested in especially after school, they were really respectful of my talents. Not many people will understand, they may not be able to see the vision, but you know it, so go for it.

T2T: That’s nice. I appreciate that they supported you.

DD: Oh they said, as long as you can buy us a car…

{T2T and DD laugh hysterically at this point as we can both relate to that term being used by our parents}

A lot of people may not get that support, every family is different. Not everyone can motivate you to continue in that area of your talent. It really does come down to you. Most teens do not really want their parents pushing them into things they want for their kids. Not cool at all.

T2T: What advice would you give to teenagers about finding or spotting their craft and going for it no matter what comes their way.

DD: The first thing I would say is make a list. List the top 10 areas that you are interested in and top areas of your gifts and talents. Mark them from 1 to 10 and see why you are interested in them. Invest some time, even if it means the weekends, going over and learning from You Tube. Videos there are free and people do tutorials. Find out what is that interest you. A lot of people doodle but they may not realise that they could be a cartoonist or animator. You would not know unless you actually studies further into it. I do love the short courses as they free and I know when we are at school, we don’t want to pay for other courses. Do find an avenue to learn more about it.

T2T: Thank you again Dum Doodles. You are an inspiration and we love your message that anything is possible.

We wish you the best in all that you do; we are proud of you and well done.

Dum Doodles has kindly drawn some lovely animations for Ten2Teens Magazine and we are so loving them.

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