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Are You Concerned As A Parent?

Dear Amazing Parent,

How are you doing this week? I have been talking to a few parents who share very similar concerns and I thought, I’d ask you the some questions which many parents relate to.

As a parent, are you concerned for your child’s confidence especially your tween or teen?

Is this a worry that you see yourself in every now and then?

Do you feel that your tween/teen keeps a lot bottled up on the inside?

Do you feel that your tween/teen do not see themselves as beautiful/handsome or worthy?

It’s a genuine concern that you could help do something about.


Amazing_Affirmations_Ebook_3D_CoverWhy not introduce your tween/teen to Affirmations?

Simple affirmations that they could read out to themselves when no one is watching!
Simple affirmations that helps them start to build up their confidence
Simple affirmations that helps them become more resilient to the peer pressures out there.
Simple affirmations that helps enhance their communication
Simple affirmations that play a big role in strengthening their self-belief
Simple affirmations that will help take the worry off from you.

All these in an eBook that your Tweens and Teens have access to whenever they want.

STAY POSITIVE is exactly what every Tween and Teen needs as a start. It was written with them in mind.

It consists of daily affirmations from Monday to Sunday and also has affirmations for certain times of their lives. Exam seasons, Going for an interview/audition, feeling stressed or upset etc. It is ALL in this eBook.

It is so worth it! At £3.99 (cheaper than a meal at MacDonald’s) and an investment beyond any comparison, you can’t miss out on it.

Order your copy today and start to enjoy worrying less and enjoying your tween and teens more.


Don’t ignore any concerning signs that you are observing. Do something about it to avoid future consequences and if you do need to talk as well, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Every help from us counts!

Have a great and Fab week.

Kind Regards
Phinnah Chichi

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