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Back2School Webinar – Set Yourself up to Win

Our tweens and teens are all settled now in their new classes or schools. What are great time to set the pace. I will be sharing with your tweens and teens on how to set themselves to win.

No athlete starts a race without the intention to win. They give their best shot no matter who the other athletes are around them. That’s the intention for this webinar. We desire your Tween and Teen to start this term with the intention to give it their very BEST shot at it.

We will teach your tweens and teens…

  • How to NOT give up even if its challenging.
  • How to tap into the greatness inside them.
  • Why they matter and why they deserve to win
  • the 3 Cs they can use practically everyday to win.

It is a webinar that you don’t want them to miss out on. This is something they do not teach in schools, so please register now.

For payments details, see the link below.

Back2School Webinar for Tweens

Back2School webinar for Teens

If you are in Nigeria and prefer to pay directly to a bank account, please see local bank details below:

GTB 0170254514
Kate Ifeoma Chukwu
5000 Naira

For all payments, please send email to teensmotivationhub@gmail.com to receive webinar link.

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