Career Introduction
It is never too early to think about what kind of career you want. Not many of us know what we want to do when we grow up, but we do know we want to do something which is better than nothing. One thing that we love about careers is that there is a wide choice of options out there. The routes to these careers vary from career to career. It’s bringing some of these together that we responded to at the request of our readers. i.e. The ability to see in summary some of what is out there in terms of choices.

Amongst teens we hear a lot who try justifying the non importance of schools as they have seen very wealthy sports stars, actors, actresses and some business owners who did not finish school go on to be successful. The fact to note here is that with the various options out there, the traditional route of education may not suit everyone. The few examples of celebrities that we have heard about dropped out from mainstream education and continued learning through other alternative ways. To be as successful as they are now, they had to learn and practice their trade.

Fact: We all do need to learn in one way or the other to keep our brains active and to be successful.

I am finding it hard to decide what career really does suit me. I have changed my mind over and over again.

From listening to motivational speakers, we learn that the first thing to think about is what motivates you as a person.

Make a list of activities you’ve enjoyed – both inside and outside school, college or work. What was it about them you liked? There is no right or wrong answers. Did you love?

  • getting to know more about a particular subject
  • solving challenging problems
  • working as part of a team
  • meeting new people
  • writing

We will be looking at various careers. In each one we review the following:

  1. Description
  2. Facts
  3. Personal Qualities
  4. A Typical day
  5. Entry Requirements

Important: A point to note here is that ten2teensmagazine is NOT an expert in Career advices and we would recommend that for more detailed personal advice, you contact your local careers adviser at your school or for more career options, log into (main source of our Career Options).

For readers outside the UK, check with your city’s Educational department. These are usually free services if available in your city.



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