An architect designs buildings, plans and supervises the construction of buildings, including the restoration of old ones. In addition to the planning and designing these buildings, architects must make sure that the buildings are functional, economical, safe and suits the needs of its occupants.


  • Architects work side by side with Engineers, Urban planners and Interior designers.
  • They spend most of their times in the offices consulting with their clients and developing drawings. Occasionally they would have to visit the sites and monitor the progress of their plans.
  • Most firms pay tuition fees for the training of the employees.

Personal Qualities:

  • An interest in design of buildings
  • Ability to practice independently of supervision
  • Strong communication and negotiating skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

A Typical Day:

  • Preparing drawings and present ideas for the clients to review
  • Discusses objectives, requirements, safety, planning laws and budgets of a project
  • May have to travel to sites
  • Meeting with the planning departments
  • May have to work at nights and weekends to meet deadlines

Entry Requirements:

An architect must complete:

  • 5 GCSEs A-C including Maths, English and Physics or Chemistry and 3 A- levels
  • A 5 yr full time undergraduate BA or BSC degree of Architecture programs and
  • A 2yr paid professional experience in an Architect practice.

For more information, Architects Registration Board

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