Magazine / Newspaper Journalist

Magazine / Newspaper Journalist


A magazine/newspaper journalist research and write news articles and features for magazines and newspapers.


You have to be proactive and persistent to get into magazine/newspaper journalism.

Personal Qualities:

  • Love for writing and researching
  • Good listening and questioning skills
  • Determination and Persistence
  • Self confidence and the ability to make people feel relaxed

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Magazine/Newspaper Journalist might include

  • Ensuring work is well written, accurate and submitted to deadline
  • Conducting interviews, either in person, over the phone or via email
  • Researching a subject or a story

Entry Requirements

There are no set qualifications to becoming a magazine/newspaper journalist, but most journalists have a degree. Other ways to enter are:

  • Practical experience by building up examples of your published work. You can get your work published by contacting publishers for opportunities to do unpaid work.
  • Writing reviews for films, books and plays.

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