Tax Adviser

Tax Adviser


Tax advisers make sure their clients pay the correct amount of tax at the required time. They keep up to date with the changing tax laws and explain the complicated legislation and its implications to their clients in simpler terms.


Tax advisers usually specialise in either; Compliance- calculating how much tax is due and completing tax returns. Consultancy- advising clients on ways to reduce the amount of tax they have to pay. Their work is highly detailed and complex but can also be challenging and very rewarding.

Personal Qualities:

  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Good mathematical and computer skills
  • Have dependability and integrity
  • Organisational and time management skills.

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Tax Adviser might include

  • Checking and completing tax returns
  • Explaining tax laws to clients and finding ways to reduce tax liabilities
  • Meeting clients and collecting information
  • Providing guidance on indirect taxation issues such as VAT, customs planning and environmental taxes.

Entry Requirements

You must become a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) to work as a chartered tax adviser. The requirements for the CIOT could either be:

  • Having an approved accountancy qualification.
  • Being an qualified solicitor
  • Have experience and or in house training with the Tax revenue department.

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