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Choosing Your GCSE SubjectsThe choice of GCSE subjects for Year 9s in the UK differ from school to school. Choosing subjects can be stressful but bear in mind, that others before us have done it and survived it. Here are tips to note when making these important choices.

Let your choices by YOUR choices:

Our parents and teachers will have their advices to give and that’s all good, the advices may help us see the directions in which we want to go, we appreciate them and take them on board, but at the end we must choose what we like to do.

Our friends also may suggest to us to choose what they have chosen so that we can all be in the same classes, but again, we must check the reasons why we are making our choices. When we do subjects we enjoy, we are more able to stand through the difficult moments in the subject, but when we choose subject just because our friends have chosen them, what will we do when those difficult times come in those subjects? Will we be able to stand through it?

Choose the subject not the teacher

Most times, teachers we like make us love the subjects and teacher we don’t like, puts us off from some subjects. However in our choices of our GCSEs, we must look past the actual teacher and look at the subject. Teachers will change, but the subject will remain. So don’t choose a subject because you have a great teacher now in that subject and don’t reject a subject just because you do not like the current teacher of that subject.

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