Don’t be afraid to say No

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When I said ‘no’, I felt empowered.
I claimed my innocence and refused to let him take it from me.
I rejected his constant requests to take me further than I wanted to go.
I refused to be taken advantage of.

When I said ‘no’, I took control of my mind.
I refused to let a liquid substance make decisions for me.
I objected to letting smoke fog up my brain.
I became the regulator of what nourishes by body.
When I said ‘no’, I saved her life.
As they surrounded her like a pack of wolves,
I stood up and said ‘no’!
I said ‘no’ to the relentless teasing.
I said ‘no’ to the constant bullying.
I said ‘no’ the inhumane behavior.
I screamed ‘no’ to remaining silent!

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