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Ten2teens magazine is proud to share the below inspiring event…

Sharing Success With Tomorrow's Leaders

The Powerlist Foundation/Deloitte Leadership Programme which will be held at the Deloitte offices from 20-23 August 2013.

Powerlist Foundation and Deloitte work together to support careers for black and ethnic minority students through a Summer Leadership Programme.

Programme offering networking opportunities, lifelong mentors and friends to high achieving students from diverse backgrounds.

The Powerlist Foundation charity is launching their annual Summer Leadership Programme, hosted by Deloitte, one of the country’s leading business advisory firms. The Programme offers 50 high achieving black and ethnic minority students from universities across the UK the opportunity to attend workshops, talks and mentoring sessions to help further their careers. All students selected work closely with the communities they are from and all of them offer something back.

The Programme presents a combination of inspirational speakers, including the Powerlist Foundation’s chair Ken Olisa OBE, CEO of boutique merchant bank Restoration Partners and Piers Linney; the new addition to Dragons’ Den and CEO of Outsourcery. The programme will also include workshops, interactive group tasks and close mentoring. Opportunities are available throughout the three-and-a-half day course for students to talk to representatives from a variety of organisations such as Deloitte, Pearson, Thomson Reuters, Lloyds TSB, and the RAF. The aim of the programme is to inspire, celebrate and unite university students from diverse backgrounds and offer help and advice to as many young people as possible by giving their leadership prospects a head-start that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

Now in its second year, vice chair of the Powerlist Foundation’s Board of Trustees Michael Eboda who is also the CEO of Powerful Media, states:

“This year we’re looking forward to challenging and inspiring another cohort of bright young students who we believe are the next generation of leaders. By applying the power of those who have already achieved success in their own field, our leadership programme will equip our delegates with a strong sense of ambition, drive, belief and confidence to achieve and exceed their chosen goals.”

Michael Eboda, Ken Olisa and Piers Linney are all heavily involved in the planning for the Summer Leadership programme and will support the students throughout the duration of the programme.

The programme also includes a ‘psychology of the workplace’ workshop that will be presented by TV personality Judi James, who has worked on BBC1 and as the psychologist on Big Brother. Judi will provide a close inspection of workplace psychology, which will range from attire to handshakes. In addition, delegates will receive talks from Edwin Broni-Mensah, CEO of Give Me Tap, and a number of others on Powerful Media’s Future Leaders list.

The subject of role models has always managed to be great source of debate within diverse communities. The intimate involvement with such acclaimed figures allows students to gain exposure to authentic role models, amidst and prior to their university degrees. Ex- delegates will also be featured on this year’s programme to share their journey since their participation in the 2011 Summer Leadership Programme.

Stevan Rolls from Deloitte, said;

“We are delighted to host the Powerlist Foundation Summer School for the second year at Deloitte. Diversity and inclusion is a high priority on our agenda and we welcome all the students who will attend the programme this year to get to know the firm a little better, and to consider one of the 1,750 entry level positions we have available after they complete their course.”

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