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Congratulations on your newly acquired symbol of manhood and maturity, facial hair. This is what differentiates you from kids so you have to play the part too. Facial hair can to some extent make you look good or bad depending on how you keep it. It is mandatory that you keep it neat and clean. Don’t be fooled by thinking that keeping it long and rugged will give you a sexy and mature look. This will only give you a negative, don’t-care look that nobody wants to be associated with.

It is advisable to keep it short, for this, it’s time you got yourself shaving cream, a razor and a bottle of aftershave. Shave as often as possible depending on the growth spurt. Do it daily if needs be but ensure that you look presentable. Aftershave is important as it reduces skin irritation that causes bumps after shaving. It is best if you shave immediately after you step out of the shower. This ensures that the shaving process is smooth as the hair is still wet and also reduces skin irritation while shaving.

While shaving, always use a mirror to avoid ‘ouch’ moments. Chances of you cutting yourself or missing some spots are less likely when you use a mirror. A good sized mirror is best in this situation.

Lack of proper facial hair grooming will make you look unkempt. People will always tend to not take you seriously and you might miss great opportunities in the process. A long and bushy beard tends to exaggerate your age as you will definitely look older than you really are.

A long bushy beard is also gross especially when eating soup or spaghetti as they tend to get caught and probably produce a smell later on if not washed. Also note that as much as girls will be attracted to your new manly feature, a bushy and unkempt one will put them off!

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