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The best thing about this book is the genuine feeling that one gets whilst reading it. It is transforming, it is relatable, it is encouraging and inspiring all at the same time.

When an author can bring to life in writing what he has personally gone through in such a transparent way and how he was able to overcome life’s circumstances, it shows you his heart and his genuine passion to help other young ones to turnaround like he did.

The post code mentality which ranges from the actual post code issues that youths get killed for to negative attitudes to life is a real experience that many youths and young adults are going through today. Errol was no exception to that, from being homeless and being a gang member to now being an Author, a Pastor and Motivational speaker, he shows us in the book that the story of life does not have to end with that negative mind-set.

Errol not only tells his story but also inspires the youths on how to believe in themselves, to shift from the negative mind-set to a more positive ‘I can do’ mentality, to get a wider perspective of life and to take that step of faith and go for their dreams.

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