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University StudentThis week is usually that week of getting to know more about the school, being introduced to various clubs in the campus, meeting and mingling with lots of new people. It should also be a week where you think properly of how your money will be spent in the term. We refer to it as Budgeting.

It’s nice but also tempting to see your student loan staring at you in your bank account. All of a sudden, you get this power to spend, spend, and spend. It’s best to budget from the start if you don’t want to run out of money before the end.

Ways to spend reasonably:

  • Plan your meals and treats in advance: It is easy to get carried away with spending for lunches if we have not planned how much to spend or what to eat in advance.
  • Make the most of student discounts wherever you shop and also when you travel using the trains or coaches.
  • Buy non-branded goods: A lot of supermarket and branded name goods are similar except for their prices. Save more by buying supermarket brands. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Make the most of the resources at the Library: These days the libraries at Universities have so many resources to use than it had years ago.
  • Do not be a People –Pleaser: Be yourself at University. Do what you know is right. Being a people pleaser can get you carried away and all you see yourself doing is buying things for people and all drinks are on you. Do not get carried away with that. Be smart!

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