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How can I stop someone from bullying me?There is no précised definition for the term ‘bullying’ due its diversification and the fact that it occurs in all sorts of life, be it in social places, homes, workplaces, schools and even in the internet. However, bullying can be defined as doing or saying things that have negative effects to another person with no moral reason. Bullying can therefore be physical, verbal, psychological and social. The most dangerous of all is bullying among children (including preteens and teens) since they are not mature enough to cope with bullying challenges. In children bullying affects growth, development and learning in schools among others.

A bully can be any person, one or more than one person who uses excessive force to hurt or intimidate others. In school bullies can be your age mates, people older than you and in rare cases people younger than you but bigger in size. In some situations bullies can be your family members or even members of the opposite gender. Bullies are clever people but you can be cleverer and overcome their pressure in schools.

First of all, it is important for those bullied in schools to note that it is not their fault to be victims of bullying. In fact those bullied in schools are the polite ones and well mannered making the bullies to think that they are weak. On the contrary, it is the bullies who are weak and they try to hide their weaknesses by exerting pressure on others. Bullies are normally jealous, have low esteem, have low reasoning, like popularity, and want to appear strong though they are easily frightened. It is therefore important to understand the behaviour of bullies in school in order to determine why you are bullied and how to handle them. In most cases, there is something that you have they are jealous of and feel bad since they cannot achieve it.

Being bullied in school is harmful not only to the health of the victim but also to the academic performance of the student. Victims of bullying have low esteem and are always stressed and cannot achieve their academic goals to the fullest. Sometimes the situation may get out of hand and the victims get out of school. However, victims of bullying can get away with bullies by just being cleverer and having high self esteem.

First of all, it is not advisable to give in to the demands of the bullies hoping they will leave you alone. This will only make them stronger and make them to push you harder with more demands. It is important to face the bully and let him or her know that what he/ she are doing is wrong since some are not aware of their actions. Always stay in a group of other students if you feel unsafe and be good to the bully to confuse him/her even after being harsh to you. It is also important to keep a record of all nasty things that a bully has done to you and tell someone you trust and who may be able to help such as teachers and parents. This way a bully can be contained before hurting you more thereby making your life in school comfortable. Parents and teachers can also help the bully change his/her behaviour and become a good student too.

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