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How to deal Backchatting / Backtalking

Dear Amazing Parents,

On this week’s FB live video, we talked about how we deal with backchatting/backtalking from our tweens and teens.

Back-talking is one of the top complaints that parents of tweens and teens agree that they face very often and so sharing these very proven successful ways to deal with it and stop it is something that I intentionally wanted to share with you..

Please watch below video and give your feedback as well when you can.

I continue to appreciate you and together we can enjoy these adolescent years of our children, hassle free. (did she just say hassle free? Yes she did)

These years are only challenging because we are learning and growing through them as well, but can we make it? Can we succeed and can we help raise the world’s future role models? Oh yes we can.

Have a great week ahead and remember that when we know better, we do better.

Kind Regards

Phinnah chichi

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