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Ten2Teens magazine is more than your standard teen celebrity publication. Ten2Teens magazine is a high quality, glossy publication that inspires to change perception of youths between the ages of 10 and 19. We consistently promote, support, educate, encourage and enlighten youths to align themselves in building self-confidence, respect, being resourceful, self-achievement, being positive, being proud of whom they are and going for their dreams.

The theme for our next edition is Self-esteem- Building and Maintaining confidence.

Ten2Teens will feature articles, stories, interviews, fashion tips, books and movie reviews and many more that explore both the purpose and practical steps to fulfil this theme.

We are planning for a range of interesting features and we need You to fill in a variety of interesting roles including writers, photographer, editors and reporters.

Writers will contribute the contents within the guidelines and brief of the magazine. They will be responsible for ensuring that their contents are submitted before the deadline and responding to any comments from the editors.

We are also looking for more young writers between the ages of 10 and 19. So if know any youths that will be happy to see their writing/idea published, do let us know.

Reporters will conduct interviews of interest to the magazine.

A photographer will be assigned to the reporter to cover the event/interview.

Editors will proof read and edit articles and features. As part of the editorial board, an editor may opt to take on responsibility for a specific area of running the magazines such as sales, advertising, marketing or distribution.

Check us out online at and get a feel of the kind of things we publish and then…


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