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You are naturally beautiful!

We mostly tend to use make up to enhance our natural beauty.

For a teenager of colour, choosing the right make up that matches your skin tone is very essential. It is sometimes difficult to find the right colour because many of the make up products and instructions are geared for lighter skinned girls. You would have to try them out and see what goes with your skin tone.

The best look for any teenager is a clean and natural look, so over doing your make up can make you look worse.


We agree with the saying that less is more, for teen girls that do not have skin flaws, foundations are not really necessary, however to cover any acne or other blemishes, we do use them

Teen Tips

If you have to use foundation make sure that:

  • Your skin is clean and dry before application
  • You are in a well lit area
  • You apply the foundation lightly


A light coat of lip gloss will help black teens achieve a nice clean look. Most appropriate colours can range from brown, pinks to nudes.


Black teens should avoid light shades for their eyes. The colours tend to look chalky. Warmer shades in bold colours tend to compliment our diverse skin complexions. These could be applied when going in the evenings or weekends.

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