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Dear Amazing parents,

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that our Online Coaching for Tweens and Teens has now started.


In a time such as these times where our children are fed information from uncountable sources, -the internet, social media, schools, friends etc., it is becoming a problem for teens to focus, to communicate better with themselves and others, a lack of motivation to study is on a high, questioning the relevance of school is now a question most ponder on, peer pressure is no longer just from school anymore, it has now stretched into our homes through the internet. Underage drinking and smoking has become increasingly popular. Underage sexual activities has become a norm and many teens are struggling to fit in.

Most parents are not really aware of what their teens have been exposed to and why sudden mood changes has become the norm in their homes. This is not the time to worry and panic over your teens may do or are doing. This is also not the time to be critical to your teens. This is the time to provide them with extra help. This is the time to start prevention measures by exposing them to some form of life coaching.

Our teens love spending time online so what better place to steal a bit of their time from? Having an online coach such as myself ensures that some of their screen time is not only beneficial, productive but also life impacting.

With over 10 years of mentoring teens and over 5 years of coaching teens, my programs combine mentoring and coaching with a unique and effective difference and I have watched many teens grow into more confident, respectful and successful adults in the society.

The problems/issues that keep coming back to me as the source of most teen’s issues is the lack in skills in COMMUNICATION both with themselves and others. This lack causes a massive gap and most of the issues they face today stems from and happens in this gap.

Teens ——- Communication Gap

Please do note that Coaching is NOT the same as Counselling. Coaching focuses on your teen’s strengths and not their weaknesses. Research has it that teens prefer the coaching model because they come out knowing that they are not being judged. As a coach, I don’t believe your teens are broken and need to be fixed. I don’t treat them as if they have a problem. My job is NOT replace a parent’s vital role but to act as a mentor, providing them with solutions and strategies to overcome obstacles or limiting beliefs, learn new skills, become more confident and resilient and stay motivated at school to mention but a few.

The programs currently available now are:

The Life Skill Achiever Program for Tweens (LSAP for Tweens)

The Life Skill Achiever Program for Teens (LSAP for Teens)

The LSAP is an ongoing annual based program that is catered to have your Tween and Teen learn life skills, stay motivated and focused all through the year. This program comes as either a group Package or a one2One package.

Group Package – £150 a year (£12.50 per month) or one off discounted price £120

This package includes Monthly Zoom (similar to Skype) group sessions, a free Teens Affirmation Book, an annual subscription to our online Inspiring Ten2Teens Magazine and a one free one2one session

Life Skill Achiever Program with Phinnah Chichi
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £12.50 GBP
Total £12.50 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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One2One Package – £300 a year (£25 per month) or one off payment discounted price £250.00

This includes the group package above but is more tailored to suit exactly what your child needs. I work with your child directly listening, motivating and equipping him/her with the life skills that they require. The monthly sessions includes questions and answer times, Motivational sessions, and Accountability sessions.

Life Skill Achiever Program with Phinnah Chichi (Group)
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £12.50 GBP
Total £12.50 GBP
Life Skill Achiever Program with Phinnah Chichi (One2One)
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £25.00 GBP
Total £25.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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The Exam Ready Activation Mode Package (ERAM)

This is a program tailored to meet your child’s exam pressure needs in this exams period. A lot of teens have prepared and studies but are still not too sure. This is a 3 weeks programs designed with me listening, motivating, encouraging and guiding your teens during this period both with the effective revisions skills before and for the actual exams. They are equipped with the skills and strategies to stay calm and the right mind set for this time.

This is a one2one package and is priced is at £75 (Early birds deal is £70 if ordered by the May 20th)

Secondary School Ready Mode Package (Current Year 6 pupils) SSRM

This is a program designed specifically for the Year 6 child in mind. The last year in primary school has been great for them being the seniors in school. By September, all that would change. They will now be the newbies, a bit overwhelmed by the new set up and the senior students in the new school.

Many of them worry over how they would fit it, they worry about how they make new friends and these worries if not properly checked can lead to major challenges.

This program is designed to give them the right tools and strategies to start with in year 7 and how to cope and adjust in their new environments.

This package will be available in July (just before the summer holidays start) and each student will have access to the materials all through their Year 7.

The price for this course is £25.00 but early birds (who order it by June 15th will be offered the course at £20)


  • Confidentiality is a major deal in our services
  • DBS checked

If you are interested in any of these programs, please email me on phinnah@inspiringten2teens.com and I can take you through the simple steps required to get your tween/teen started.

I am looking forward to working with you and seeing the transformations and growth in both the life and communication skills of your Tween and Teen.

Kind Regards

Phinnah Chichi

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