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Parenting Teens Hub

Wow! we are already in the 3rd week of January 2018. Where indeed is the time flying to?

Welcome to the Parenting TeensĀ  Hub where Communication and Connections with our Tweens and Teens are successfully moving to higher levels, gaining larger grounds and going deeper.

Many parents go through these teenage years dreading the changes, being unprepared for the changes and assuming that their own teens will be different.

Our teens on the other hand, look forward to their teen years. A whole lot of independence they assume and also not really prepared for the changes that lay ahead of them.

At the Parenting Teens Hub, we provide you with resources to help you and your Teen* navigate your way successfully through these years, growing together and building lasting connections with each other.

* Please note that where we use the word Teen to refer to both your PreTeens (Tweens) and your Teenagers

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Phinnah Chichi

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