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I’m screaming on the inside, but unable to express it on the out.
Confused, I wonder, “Why can’t anyone hear my shout?”
I have dreams of genuine happiness and joy that I can’t even begin to conceive.
However, I wake up and sadly realize that those dreams I have not yet achieved.

I say to God, “When? When will it be my time to shine?
When will I get what I’ve thought was always mine?
I have gifts and talents that I have felt forced to keep unknown,
But I know that one day; the world will see those blessings you have sewn.
You have created me with a heart sometimes too deep to see the light.
You’ve given me problems and situations that I’ve felt were too strong for my weak might.”

I take every ounce of hope, belief, and faith that I have felt,
And pray that my Personal Legend is truly what it is meant.
My legend includes feeling, thinking, and breathing with effortless ease;
Living my life freely, not caring who may see.
I want to be a friend and a shoulder to lean on,
A vessel to lessen suffering to the point where pain is practically gone.
I want my Personal Legend to inspire others to find their own;
And with these new discoveries, heart after heart can be sewn.

I’ll be glad to see the day when I finally win.
I’ll be glad to see the day when my legend is no longer personal, but something everyone takes part in.

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