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Stay Positive

Hello amazing Parents!

Happy New Month!!

I am so excited for the month of June not only because its my birthday month, but also because we are at a midway point in this amazing year. I call it amazing irrespective of good and the bad stuff and I’d love us all to see it that way too. Being grateful for our lives and for the lives of our children.

In the month of June, my call out is to serve and continue to help you, your tweens and teens with my very best.

We are starting the month with our e-Book of Affirmations for Tweens and Teens. STAY POSITIVE!!

In our quest to get our Tweens and Teens to stand out more in society and be a success, their communication skills is something that I am focusing on more.

How they communicate with themselves and others is key to the choices that they make, and the choices that they make leads them to or away from their success.

This ebook is a start. The more they affirm themselves, the more they:

Build Confidence
Resist Peer Pressure
Enhance their Communication
Strengthen their self-belief.

I am looking forward to this next phase and I appreciate you trusting me on this ride as well.

Let’s do this together and Let’s do this right. Investing in your children is one investment that cannot go wrong.

Order a copy/copies today at http://www.ten2teensmagazine.com/parents-of-t2t/ and let’s continue to help our tweens and teens at this very important stage of their lives.

Please do note that if you are subscribing to one of our life skill programs, then this affirmation book is included in the package.

Contact me by sending me an email – phinnah@inspiringten2teens.com

Have a great start to this month and I will catch up with you next week.

Kind Regards

Phinnah Chichi.

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