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Teens/Tweens Online Coaching

Dear Amazing Parents,

Are you worried that you don’t know what your teens are exposed to on the internet or their phones?

Are you worried that they are not fully equipped with the right tools to beat peer pressure?

Are you worried about the influence that they friends have on them?

Are you worried about the sometimes laid back attitude they have towards their studies and during revision times?

Are you worried that communication with your teens is becoming more challenging than ever?

Trust me, you are not alone.

Schools are not equipped to do it all and honestly speaking, we should NOT expect them to do it all.

I am focused on that gap. We help to close that gap so that when your teens leave school, they are not shocked at the skills required out there. They are fully ready.

The LCC and MAC programme are some of the group programmes that we offer.

L.C.C. is a monthly programme geared towards early SECONDARY SCHOOL YEARS (Class Years 7-9) (junior secondary) (Duration is Oct 15th 2017-June 18)

M.A.C. is a weekly programme more for those preparing for their GCSEs and A Levels (1st Batch is from Oct 8th 2017-Dec 17). (2nd Part Jan 18- May 18) Years 10-13.

These are both Online programmes so you don’t have to worry about taking them to a location and they are online most of the time so what a productive use of the time.

In addition to these, they all receive DAILY positive tips and advises that helps prepares their minds and reminds them of successful principles to apply and have very productive days at schools.

This works. I have seen it first hand and it works.

To register, CLICK HERE.

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