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University GraduatesWith a large numbers of university graduates being forced to find low-skilled jobs after failing to secure graduate employment, Lord Baker (a former education secretary) notes that students taking arts and humanities courses are most likely to fall under this category.

According to the telegraph, Lord Bakers’ report includes a list of graduates who found work in retail, catering, waiting and bar jobs six months after graduating from British Universities in 2012.

The list is broken down by degree subject studied:

Fine arts         29%
Media studies         26.7%
Performing arts         23.5%
Design         23.1%
Sociology         22.7%
Physical and geographical sciences         22.1%
History         21.1%
English         21.4%
Biology         20.8%
Law         19.8%
Psychology         18.9%
Geography         18.8%
Sports science         17.4%
Marketing         15.9%
Politics         15.4%
Languages         15.2%
All employed graduates         13.7%
Business and management studies         13.7%
Chemistry         13.1%
Finance and accountancy         11.3%
Computer science and IT         10.5%
Maths         9.3%
Physics         9%
Electrical and electronic engineering         8.8%
Economics         7.9%
Architecture and building         7.9%
Mechanical engineering         5.6%
Civil engineering         4.7%


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