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Hey! Thank you for checking out my blog- Untapped by Uche!

You may be asking yourself: ‘Why did she choose the word “untapped”?’ Well, I decided to name my blog Untapped because I feel like so many young people (and really people in general) are harboring a lot of “untapped” potential, dreams, feelings, etc. So in my blog, I will be talking to all of these “untapped” individuals (including myself) and hopefully serve as an instrument of motivation to set ourselves free. In addition, I will also talk about different “untapped” issues (issues that people don’t really like to talk about or try to avoid talking about) facing our youth today.

My blog is for everyone who struggles with tapping into themselves and unveiling what a lot of us tend to hide – buried pain from the past, troublesome worries about the future, and present seemingly impossible goals and dreams. Through my Untapped blog entries, I hope to inspire others to not be afraid or ashamed to be their authentic selves, as well as empower others to share their unique gifts and purposeful lives with the world.

Let’s tap in!

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