Writer’s Guideline

What is Ten2Teens (T2T) Magazine about?

An online and print magazine with a focus on positive sides of preteens to teens. The overall aim is to promote and share with others and ourselves, a more balanced awareness about our youths dispelling the one-sided negative views that we mostly see in the media.

With a manifesto to “Treat others the way you want to be treated” the need for this platform to help promote, encourage and support this community is now more important than ever. T2T is not here to talk at our youths but to talk with them..

With T2T, our youths not only receive a wealth of useful information, they are encouraged to submit articles, poems, short stories, games/books/ film reviews and artworks making our contents more relatable.

Freelance submissions also in the following areas, Real life stories, school life experiences, family life, Exam preparation, Reviews (books, films, arts and culture), Community/ World events, Travel, Fashion & Beauty and Health, are welcome.

Contributions to Ten2Teens should be submitted by e-mail with your name, headline for your article, a source included with any attached pictures and a brief self-introduction (i.e. tell us at least 4 things about you).

Contents being readable, relevant and relatable are the main goals for T2T. Our youths need to able to see themselves in the pages of this magazine. Writers should avoid technical jargons as much as possible. Submissions should be written in an informal and friendly tone, rather than a formal or scholarly style.

T2T is interested in submissions for features. Features are most issues and events that affect our ten2teens, preferably timed to events currently unfolding in news or first person essays that explore aspects of your emotional struggles, relationships, culture and how you overcame. Articles submitted for this category should be between 300-500 words.

Editing and Style

All documents should be saved in Microsoft Word. Use a typeface common to both Windows and Macintosh systems, preferably Times New Roman 12.


T2T Limited prefers to retain copyright on all articles published in Ten2Teens Magazine. Authors will be required to sign an agreement transferring ownership rights to T2T. As copyright holder, T2T has exclusive right to publish and distribute articles appearing in T2T Magazine in English and any translations and in any medium, including but not limited to reprints; photocopies; and electronic media, including computer disk, CD-ROM, and the Internet.

If an author or original publisher must retain copyright, T2T will request permission to include the article in any distribution or reprint of the issue, in part or in whole, in subsequent print or electronic versions, including but not limited to posting T2T magazine on T2T’s website or elsewhere on the Internet.

Unless otherwise specified, all materials accepted for publication become the property of T2T Limited.

Publication Schedule

Ten2Teens magazine is published on a quarterly basis—January-March, April-June, July-September, and October – December. Writers who wish to have an article published in a particular issue should submit that material or contact T2T at least three months before the desired publication date.

All submissions, including letters to the editor, are subject to editing for style, grammar, length, and clarity. Authors have a chance to review their submissions, as edited, before publication to ensure accuracy.


T2T at the moment will not be paying for any submissions of article. We do hope that you share our passion and goal to showcase our youths in a more positive light. Your reward and exposure in helping our youths with your contributions is beyond measure. Please feel free to briefly mention who you are and promote your website (optional) for the readers at the end of your article.

You will not regret being part of this good cause. Thanks, Ten2Teens appreciates you and God bless.


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