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Thank you so much for your interest in advertising on Ten2Teens website!

Ad rates are specified with each advertising option and are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are given as: calendar month, quarter or annual. Rates assume client- furnished ads (GIF, JPEG) to the correct specifications ready for insertion.


All transactions with ten2teensmagazine are denominated in the UK sterling.

Prices are quoted per ads banners. These Ads will auto rotate within the static position equalizing impression views.

Please see below for our advert sizes, advert positions on website and our special introductory prices.



T2T_Print_MagzineTen2Teens magazine is printed on a 3 Termly cycle basis. Issues printed in 2016 will be Vol 7, 8 and 9. (June-Aug, Sept-Jan and Feb –May respectively)

In print issues, we offer advertising page sizes as ¼, ½, 1, double spread (inside), Front cover and back cover.

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New Advertising Rates

Advert Type
1 Issue
2 Issues (Each Issue)
3 Issues (Each Issue)
Quarter Page
Half Page
Single Page
A4 Inside Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
A4 Back Cover
Double Spread

*Make use of our offered discounts when you book for more than 1 issue at a time.

Businesses who book and pay adverts for 2 issues at a go, receive a 5% discount per issue and those who book for 3 issues, receive a 15% discount per issue.

Payment options

Payment options

Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Account Name: Ten2teens C.I.C
Sort Code: 207291
Account no: 93677168


All transactions with ten2teensmagazine are denominated in the UK sterling.



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