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Being a role model has no age barriers. A role model could be as young as a preteen to someone as old our grandparents.

Our role models for this month are 2 young siblings called Lashai (12yrs) and Traysean (8yrs) who co-authored a book called ‘Kidz that dream big’.

I must say that I was very impressed. Not only are these kids very inspiring, smart and respectful, I felt their positivity come out in more ways than I can explain. I thought if at this age, young ones could be this positive, then the sky is really their limit.

I had a very inspiring time with them and got it on video to share with all.

Lashai and Traysean prove to us that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. They also believe in combining hard work with having fun, which is what we at Ten2Teens believe as well. It’s the balancing act that is so important.

In addition to co writing this wonderful book which is available at Amazon, Lashai has received 3 awards since July 2011

  1. Live United Award
  2. Young Citizens Award
  3. Black young achievers Award

She also co created an iphone app called ‘Red Card It’, an app to offer advice to bully victims. Lashai had experienced being bullied and turned the situation around. She gives a very brilliant advice on bullying as well in this interview which is a must see.

For more information about the book and the iphone app, visit

Ten2Teens would also love to acknowledge Lashai and Traysean’s parents who have done a good job in supporting and encouraging them. Their mum, Sabrina is a lovely lady who runs an organisation to inspire single parents. For more information on that, visit:

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