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In this Anti Bullying week, did you know that every student falls in one of these categories when it comes to bullying?

  • Students who Assist: These children may not start the bullying or lead in the bullying behaviour, but serve as an “assistant” to children who are bullying. These children may encourage the bullying behaviour and occasionally join in.
  • Students who Reinforce: These children are not directly involved in the bullying behaviour but they give the bullying an audience. They will often laugh or provide support for the children who are engaging in bullying. This may encourage the bullying to continue.
  • Bystanders: These children remain separate from the bullying situation. They neither support the bullying behaviour nor defend the child being bullied. Some may watch what is going on but do not provide feedback about the situation to show they are on anyone’s side. Even so, providing an audience may encourage the bullying behaviour. These kids often want to help, but don’t know how. Learn how to be “more than a bystander.”
  • Students who defend: These children actively comfort the child being bullied and may come to the child’s defence when bullying occurs.

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