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Beauty within UsFrom: Hadassah Ayly

All of us want to appear physically beautiful. That’s human nature. We prefer expensive cosmetic products and fashions. We constantly deal with beauty issues like what’s best for our skin and what makeup lines should we use. However, every time you put on makeup on, you should look at yourself and say, I am pretty even without all the makeup, because true beauty comes from within us.

There are days where you may think that you’re not very pretty because of not having a good hair day or having bags under your eyes due to lack of sufficient sleep. Sometimes those things are true, but really, no one cares if you put tons of makeup on just to cover up physical flaws because inside we are all pretty in our special way.

Providing you are well-groomed, you will make an impression on people. You can put makeup on and dress fashionably well to enhance that impression, but your special beauty lies within yourself and that will always remain true.

Always be who you are, because we all carry a unique quality and style that lies inside each of us and that is your true beauty.

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