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Lonely Girl-Pressure of being PerfectThe pressures of being perfect is on the increase more now than about 20 years ago. The media and most probably our family and friends may lead us to believe that being perfect is very important.

Perfection is not only impossible to achieve, but trying too hard to be perfect will make us unhappy. There is currently an emphasis on looks for boys and men than before, but not nearly as the pressure that girls are on.

T2Tmagazine explores this obsession with perfectionism in the lives of ten2teen girls.

You are perfect just the way you are. Let’s ponder on these questions for a minute.

Who actually defines perfect?

What is perfect?

Who decides what is perfect?

Who is actually setting the standard of being perfect and why?

It makes no sense at all. There is no qualification for being perfect, so no one has the know- how to decide what is perfect or set a standard for perfect.

Here are some effects of trying to achieve perfectionism;

Low Self Esteem

Whilst trying so hard to make ourselves perfect, we end up not appreciating who we really are and what makes us unique in our own way.


The thought and pressure of not being perfect enough can cause us to have panic attacks or other anxiety disorders.

Eating disorders

Aiming to be like the skinny models on our TV and in adverts can lead to trying to perfect our body in a very destructive way.


The desire to constantly improve ourselves can cause us to isolate ourselves from friends and family.


If we spend ALL of our time perfecting ourselves, we might neglect getting other important things done.

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