Careers Adviser

Careers Adviser


Careers advisers are teachers, confidants and advisors to their clients. They help people examine their interests, their styles, and their abilities to find and enter the profession that best suit them. They can be helpful both to those who have yet to choose a career and those who are unhappy with their choice.


Counsellors can only guide clients in the decision-making process and, in some instances teach them the skills they need – how to write effective letters, highlight their skills in an interview, negotiate a salary, and make people remember them; however, in the end, the clients have to do it themselves.

Personal Qualities:

  • a high level of communication and listening skills;
  • the ability to motivate and build a rapport with young people;
  • the ability to research information and explain it clearly
  • organizational and time-management skills
  • the ability to work under pressure and meet targets

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Career Adviser might include

  • liaising and negotiating with other organizations on behalf of young people
  • keeping up to date with occupational and labour market information
  • giving talks and leading discussions
  • assess their client’s abilities, interests and achievements
  • Make a plan of action for achieving the client’s aims, and give them support as they carry it out.

Entry Requirements

To become a Careers Adviser, You can qualify by completing a Careers Adviser qualification at University or through work.

As a careers adviser you can also develop your skills and knowledge by completing a qualification at masters’ degree level.


  • Qualification in Careers Guidance/ Post diploma in Careers guidance

Work Based:

  • If working in an organization that offers advice and guidance services to clients, then taking the below courses will help you work up from an advice assistant to a Careers Adviser.

Level 4 diploma in careers information & advice
Level 6 diploma in careers guidance & development

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