Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher


Dance involves the movement of the body with rhythms and to music. It could also be said that dance is a form of non verbal communication between people. Dance teachers train and develop their pupils in all types of dance. They work with individuals and groups of all ages.


Dance Teachers work in a variety of genres including classical ballet, modern stage dance, contemporary dance, street dance and African or Asian dance.They can be found in school settings or work in private organisations as a self employed teacher running a dance school. They need to be aware of health and safety rules in order to avoid injuries.

Personal Qualities:

  • Good communication and people skills
  • The ability to motivate people and encourage them to succeed
  • The ability to control groups of pupils
  • Business skills (if self-employed)

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Dance Teacher might include

  • Training prospective performers
  • Teaching people to become specialist dance teachers
  • Planning individual lessons or plan for a group of pupils
  • Teaching dance as a form of recreation
  • Preparing pupils for performances, examinations auditions and festivals

Entry Requirements

Depending on the type of teaching that dance teachers want to get involved in

  • Private Teaching- you would need a high standard of personal performance and a teaching qualification from one of the recognized associations, such as the Royal Academy of Dance or the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. You can then be registered with the association and enter students for its examinations
  • Teaching in schools/colleges- You must have a Qualified Teacher’s Status (QTS). You can then join the National Dance Teachers Association (NDTA), which will give you access to training, development and networking opportunities and teaching resources

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