Film Producer



A Film producer overseas the business and financial side involved in making a production. This production could be in films, television or theatre.


  • Film producers are very instrumental in obtaining funding for a film.
  • For film promotions, there is a lot of travel involved, so staying away from home for long periods is normal.

Personal Qualities:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good people skills
  • Business minded
  • Leadership and management ability
  • Good knowledge of the production process

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Film producer might include

  • Conduct meetings to discuss the production progress
  • Reading scripts
  • Pitching for their programs to be commissioned by TV broadcasters
  • Promoting new productions

Entry Requirements

  • There is no specific requirement, but employers prefer you to have a degree along with some experience
  • Some producers started as writers or actors
  • A degree in business management can be very handy and puts you in a visible position.
  • Building practical experience, some film producers started as runners and built up from there to become film producers. It is possible.
  • Hard work, Patience and Determination will take you further.

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