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The ever growing increase use of computers has created a high demand for IT Support Technicians. They help find and correct software and hardware problems for computer users. They install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software often with the help of automated diagnostic programs which are able to identify and repair faults or recurring problems


IT Support Technicians are generally highly trained specialists and work either online and/or telephone or onsite or in a workshop.

Technical support specialists respond to requests from computer users using automatic diagnostics programs to identify, repair and resolve problems. They may write training manuals and train computer users in how to use new computer hardware and software. In addition, technical support specialists oversee the daily performance of their company’s computer systems and evaluate software programs with regard to their usefulness.

Personal Qualities:

  • have good communication skills, on paper, via e-mail, or in person
  • enjoy problem-solving
  • be able to concentrate for long periods
  • be imaginative
  • be patient and accurate
  • think logically and sequentially, and make own decisions
  • be able to persevere with a task until all the problems are solved
  • strong writing skills are useful in preparing manuals for employees and customers

A Typical Day:

A typical day for an IT Support Technician might include

  • talking to clients to get details of faults
  • working out the reasons for a fault and explaining these to the client
  • fixing equipment, including printers and scanners (known as peripherals)
  • setting up new equipment and upgrading existing systems
  • testing and servicing equipment
  • recording problems and their solutions for future reference

Entry Requirements

To become an IT Support Technician, you could either be taken on by a company as a trainee technician and receive on the job training if you have a good working knowledge of computer systems.


You could study for qualifications to improve your career prospects. These courses are available full-or part time through colleges. Courses include:

  • ICT Systems Support – PC Maintenance Level 1
  • Certificate or Diploma in ICT Systems Support Level 2
  • Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles Level 2
  • Diploma in ICT Professional Competence Level 2

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