Payroll Manager



A payroll manager runs the payroll department of a company. The payroll department or team is usually responsible for the monthly payments of the employees, making sure that are paid on time, work out tax and national insurance deductions, set up new member of staff, issue tax forms (such as P45 and P60) and manage situations like maternity or sick pay.


Payroll Managers must keep up to date with the changes in tax rates and other Tax office changes that are likely to affect them.

Personal Qualities:

  • Good management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good organisational skills and ability to work to deadlines.

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Payroll Manager might include

  • Calculating and issuing pay to staff
  • Deducting tax and national insurance payments
  • Processing holidays, sick and maternity pays and expenses.

Entry Requirements:

  • Most payroll managers start as payroll administrators with a minimum of GSCEs including maths and work their way up to managerial position.
  • To boost their promotion prospects, they can earn extra qualification in payroll & pensions management (PPM) foundation in payroll administration, AAT (Association of accounting technicians or NVQ level 2 in payroll administration.

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