Pilots are highly trained professional who fly aircrafts. They fly passengers or cargoes on long haul or short haul flights to destinations around the world.


The role of a pilot can be both exciting and challenging. They are required to take on a lot of responsibilities.

Personal Qualities:

  • Good teamwork skills
  • Good concentration and hand to eye coordination
  • Ability to remain calm and take charge in an emergency
  • Good hearing, eyesight and good colour discrimination

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Pilot might include

  • Making sure that all safety systems are working properly
  • Following airport approach and landing instruction from air traffic control
  • Keeping passengers and crew informed about journey progress.
  • Writing flights reports after landing

Entry Requirements

One usually starts as a first officer after gaining an Airline transport pilot licence also known as frozen ATPL

Once enough flying hours have been completed, one can then apply for a full ATPL and qualify as an airline captain

Must be at least 21yrs old to apply for a full ATPL

Must pass a thorough medical check

Source: https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk and http://www.prospects.ac.uk


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