Referee officiates a sporting event, observing the actions of participants to ensure that the sport is played within the rules.


Referees decisions are generally regarded as the final word in sporting events and in certain sports. Serious strict penalties are imposed on players who question or challenge referees. Referees can be found in most sports from football, basketball, rugby, softball and hockey amongst others.

Personal Qualities:

  • Physically fit
  • Have a passion for the particular sports they officiate
  • Able or make sound and fair (unbiased) judgements
  • Boldness and confidence to make decisions quickly under pressure

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Referee might include
Before the game:

  • Inspect the pitch/the grounds or the court making sure that goal posts, nets and markings are safely set up and marked.
  • Meet with the team managers for updates to any last minute changes to the players

During the game:

  • Control the behaviour of the teams on the pitch/court.
  • Follow the game and give decisions accordingly

Entry Requirements

To become a referee you will need to follow the training program put together by the governing body/association that regulates the particular sport of interest.

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