Sports Physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapist


Sports Physiotherapists help sportsmen and sportswomen perform at their best levels. They give advice to athletes on how to train and compete safely.


Sports Physiotherapists may work in sports injuries clinics or may work directly with a sports club or sports person.

They may also have a range of clients and workplaces, rather than being employed by one organisation.

Personal Qualities:

  • Interest in health science
  • Good communication and people’s skills
  • Concern for patients’ wellbeing
  • Good organisational skills

A Typical Day:

A typical day for a Sports Physiotherapist might include

  • Planning treatment programmes.
  • Examining and diagnosing injuries
  • Advising how long it would take to return to sports post injury
  • Deciding whether athletes need extra treatments and coordinating referrals to other practitioners

Entry Requirements

To become a chartered physiotherapist, you must complete

A physiotherapy degree

Complete a state registration and membership of the chartered society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

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