Dealing with a bad grade, even though I worked hard for my exams

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Dealing with a bad grade, even though I worked hard for my exams
It is a well known fact that temporary depression kicks in every time a student fails their exam. In most cases, this happens because the reflex reaction especially from parents is anger towards the child and the fact that proper immediate guidance and counselling needed is not given to them. An overwhelming feeling of anger and self-hatred is felt.

After failing an exam, a student needs to;


Accept it

It will be hard not to feel depressed if you cannot bring yourself to accept that you got bad grades. It helps to move on and it also makes it easier to understand where you went wrong when you have already come to terms with it. Denial will only keep you distracted from your studies and chances are you will not be able to do your best in the remaining subjects.

Maintain a positive attitude and don’t lose your confidence

The secret is not giving up. Think of it as a onetime thing and keep your head held high. You’re not a permanent failure because you failed an exam and only you can make yourself believe that. If you think of yourself as a failure in all aspects of life you give your teachers, parents and friends the authority to see or treat you like one.

Do not lie

It is normal to want to hide a bad grade from your parents and friends but it is not going to help or change your situation. Actually, lying is bound to make things worse. When you approach your parent/guardian and explain to them why you failed they will understand. You should not be afraid because it is obvious that nobody would want to fail themselves on purpose, it is not your fault. Make sure to let them know that you intend to improve your grades at whatever cost with cheating as an exception, of course.

Approach your teacher

When you study real hard but still fail, it could be because you did not understand the material and in this case only your teacher can help. Swallow your pride and ask for help. If he/she is a good teacher, he/she will either go over the lecture again with you or give you tips to help perk up your study routines.

Get a hobby

After an exam, take a break even if you failed. Do not overwork your brain but instead do something you like to do and try to relax. It will help to have a relaxed mind when you get back to studying for future exams. If you still feel angry or disappointed, try doing something that requires a lot of energy because that will help let out the frustration.

Remember it’s not the end of the world: your expectations may not have been met but failing is not the end of your educational career, and you will still have other chances to prove yourself. Looking forward to getting up every morning and giving it your all is the next step from here.

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