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The very best month of the year!! (haha! Hint-my birthday month) what else can I say about this beautiful month called JUNE!!!!!

Today is a start for all of us. A start to something we have thought about, dreamt about, planned out, written down, wished on, spoken about and prayed about. Do not start today with regrets on what you should have done or what you should have said. Let’s make it a new start. Let’s step into this half way point with courage, more tenacity and more determination than ever. YOUR expectation activates YOUR breakthrough. Do not misplace your expectations by carrying upon yourself the expectation of others. When one is more worried about what others will say, their expectations get lost and nothing, absolutely nothing is achieved.

Run YOUR race. Check what your expectation is before you embark on anything. Your everyday question should be -What is MY expectation? Before you pray what is your expectation? Before you complete that application, before you make that call, before you write that test, before you send that text/email/form, before you make that point in a meeting/event/conference, before you make that move-what is YOUR expectation? Your answers will determine your results.

Have a great start to the BEST MONTH of the year. Love you all.

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