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Good morning Amazing Parents,

As parents of Tweens and Teens, you earn your long lasting Influence in their lives through RELATIONSHIPS rather than AUTHORITY.


Many parents misplace their influence in the lives of their teens because they have focused more on authority rather than their relationships.

Let’s share a scenario to differentiate what I mean.

Scene 1: You must do what I say because I said so.
Scene 2: This is a great idea for you to consider. Go and sleep on it and let’s talk later.


Scene 1: very likely to get a backchat, a defensive behaviour and an attitude.
Scene 2: Very likely to do what you have suggested as you gave him or her a part to play in the negotiations.

They are growing so our communication with the must grow as well.

When you step into these new territories with your words and how you say things, trust me YOU win that influence which you so desire.

Remember that If you are anywhere near East London, tonight, we have our Free Parenting Teens workshop in the Barking Town Hall from 6pm-8pm. It promises to be very enlightening session and not too formal.


Have a Fab Week ahead.

Remember that you do not have to parent your teen alone. We are all in this together.

When we know better, we do better.

Your Host
Phinnah Chichi

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