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In the UK world of music black youths are gaining a foothold in the industry. Much of this trend can be attributed to the accomplishments of black entrepreneur Jamal Edwards (founder of SB.TV) He serves as role model for all youths especially young British blacks because of his rise from humble beginnings and the way he gives back to community. His passion has been in music and he will also be remembered in the future as one of the influential youths who have revived the UK music scene.

Jamal Edwards started to revolutionize the UK music scene in his teenage years when he would use a handycam to take footage of freestyle rap performances. These footages would be uploaded to YouTube afterwards – this was in 2006. By 2007 Jamal had set up his own video channel dubbed SB.TV. In 2011 SB.TV branched out by setting up a music label named Just Jam. In August that same year Jamal himself signed up for an advertisement with Google Chrome which touted SB.TV as one of the top youth broadcasters in the UK. SB.TV now has a special YouTube channel as well were SB.TV videos are regularly posted and viewed by fans. Considering the age at which he started his music video company and because it started out simply as a hobby for him, Jamal has come a long way indeed.

One way Jamal gives back to community is by featuring up and coming black artists in his arena (SB.TV) – it is likely that these new artists would have been ignored and written off by the larger music labels otherwise. For youths who are interested in pursuing careers in music, Jamal’s story is proof that if you have enough talent and are willing to take risks and work hard you can really become a driving force in UK music despite your young age.

Jamal has just recently released an iBook series (6 levels) called Self Belief (#selfbelief). The Foreword on the first of the iBook series Self Belief: The Vision was written by the Richard Branson. A very inspiring read and so recommended.

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