Mentoring Teens by Phinnah


Mentoring Teens with Phinnah Chichi is more than just talking with teens. Listening to teens is a key in the way I mentor and that is what Teens are attracted to. Mentoring with Phinnah Chichi is not about fixing what is wrong. I speak in a very non-judgmental way and do not focus on any problems; rather we put in place a direction that is right and unique to your teen. Mentoring is all about reminding teens of the strengths that they already have within them. The power is in them. They are smarter than they think. They are enough in themselves but hardly believe it because what they see in the media is not what they see of themselves. Our mentoring involves our teens getting rid of those self-doubts and appreciating each other for the unique person that they are.

The two types of mentoring sessions that I run are one2one Mentoring and group Mentoring.

The duration of these mentoring sessions vary and ranges from 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks sessions. It consists of weekly goals, periodic meetups, email updates, weekly calls and a final assessment.

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