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Motivate 2 Revise Series

We have EXACTLY 4 weeks left to go to the start of the 2018 GCSEs and A Levels Exams. It is REVISIONS! REVISIONS! all the way now.

The efforts that your son and daughter puts in this coming weeks matters and will determine their outcomes.

To your Teenager: Starting this Sunday the 18th, the Motivate 2 Revise starts.

You will be sent a weekly video, motivating and empowering you with great tips on how to think of your revision, how to plan your revision, how to make the best of your revision and how to not give up during your revisions.

Your efforts do count, your belief in yourself matters and how you handle a set back is all part of the winning game. It is also about staying positive and determined.

Let’s take the ride on this REVISION tour together.

Phinnah Chichi
Teens Personal Development Professional.

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