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NBA 2K13For those of us that are huge basketball fans, October does mean to us, the start of regular season and wait for this …….., the release of NBA 2k13, which is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Jay-Z is the game’s producer, so it’s filled with his chosen popular hip hop soundtracks.

Some of the features we love about this game are:

  • Legendary superb teams that include classic bulls, Lakers and magic teams from years past, along with more recent teams, like AL’s ‘00-01 Sixers.’
  • The game looks similar to a TV broadcast; one feels they are watching a real game.
  • A brand new feature is the dribbling control using the right analogue stick to both move and aim still isn’t easy but it is accurate and realistic if you spend some time and get use to it. Knowing how to play the game of basketball helps master this game as well.

It is fun; it is full of current songs and looks real!

It sure is a must play and a great game to add to your collection for basketball fans all over the world.

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