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Nose BleedsNose bleeds are common in kids and teens, and most are harmless and easy to control, according to Kids Health magazines. In a few rare cases, consistent nose bleeds could be a sign of more serious underlying issues.

One of the main reasons kids get nosebleeds is too much nose picking. So if a kid in class suddenly starts getting a bleeding nose – there’s a pretty good chance he’s been doing some serious nasal excavation. Nosebleeds are messy, look gross and can be uncomfortable – but they’re really not a big deal.

What Causes Nosebleeds?

The most common type of nosebleed is an anterior nosebleed. That means it starts at the front part of the nose from one nostril. This happens when the tiny blood vessels that line the inside of your nose break. This can be caused if the vessels are scraped, ripped or irritated from nose picking, from being punched in the nose or from hitting your nose hard on something. Your blood vessels can also break if the lining of your nose gets dried out by really dry air.

Other common causes of nose bleeds are colds and allergies which can irritate the nasal linings.

What to Do if You Get a Nosebleed?

  • Grab a tissue or cloth, to catch the blood.
  • Tip your head forward. Don’t lean your head back as you can swallow blood by doing that.
  • Pinch the soft part of your nostrils together for ten minutes, without stopping. (Don’t forget to breathe through your mouth.)
  • Don’t pick, rub or blow your nose. This will only make it worse.
  • You should visit your doctor or see your school nurse if the nosebleed was caused by a hit or a fall, if it doesn’t stop bleeding after 30 minutes, or if you start to feel faint or dizzy.

Preventing Nosebleeds

  • Don’t pick your nose! It may be tempting to try and pull out that nice, juicy, booger – but the more you pick, the more likely you are to start bleeding.
  • Use a humidifier in your room to moisten the air.
  • Wear proper safety gear, like helmets and visors when you’re playing sports.

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