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Most of us understand the styling of our hair but we should also pay attention to the health of our hair.
We found out that the following are signs that show we may have hair issues.

  • Dandruff
  • Brittle hair strands
  • Hair breaking easily

Kari Williams, owner of Mahogany hair salon and hair care studio in LA say that one of the basic recommendations to keeping a healthy hair is keeping the scalp clean, by shampooing it very often. This is contrary to the myth that we all grew up with, saying that black hair should not be washed very frequently. With the increase in hair problems like thinning hair, we can safely say that that myth was not completely accurate.

Kari does tell us that more scalp disorders come from accumulation of dirt and oil on the scalp and in some women, emotional stress can cause scalp disorders as well.

She also recommends going for hair styles that go with your lifestyle.

As young girls like ourselves are getting very active, natural hairstyles are becoming quite popular and bed time maintenance is now seen as important for keeping an attractive daytime style. The silk and satin scarves are much better as cotton scarves tend to absorb the moisture that our hair actually needs.

Let’s share some cool natural hair styles that we love. (Source: care for your hair –facebook page)

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